Mandy and Pandy

a fun and easy way for kids to learn Chinese 

​fun story boOks for kids
​ages 3 - 6 

Mandy and Pandy play "Let's Count".
Teaches counting from 1 to 10. 

Mandy and Pandy

Mandy and Pandy Play "What Colors Do You See?"
Teaches vocabulary for objects around a lake and what colors they are.

Mandy and Pandy "Visit China".
​Teaches travel and food vocabulary..

Mandy and Pandy "Visit the Zoo".

Teaches vocabulary for zoo animals.

Mandy and Pandy Say, "Ni Hao Ma?"
​Teaches simple words and phrases.

Mandy and Pandy is a series of six board books accompanied by an audio CD.  Mandy and Pandy make learning Mandarin Chinese fun and easy. Each book is $12.95 plus shipping.  Order the entire collection for $10.00 per book and save.

Mandy and Pandy "Play Sports".

Teaches vocabulary for different sports played in China.