Mandy and Pandy

a fun and easy way for kids to learn Chinese 

​​​​​​Lessons in simplified Chinese / Pin Yin

(Phonetic) / English, the book is aimed to teach American kids Chinese using American methodology, learning in a fun manner!

​​​Co-Author is a Michigan state certified K-12 Chinese teacher, native Chinese speaker, and teaching in the Troy School district. ​

Hello, my name is Chris Lin, creator of Mandy and Pandy. As an American of Chinese descent, learning Chinese was not an option. I did not look forward to my childhood Chinese classes, boring! When my wife, Kristi, and I adopted our awesome daughter from China, Amanda Chengmu Lin, I wanted her to have a better experience learning Mandarin Chinese and bridge the two cultures she was born into. The bookstore had 128 books in Spanish and only 6 in Chinese and thus, the Mandy and Pandy series was born!  What about you?

Why Chinese?

Mandy and Pandy story and activity books are award winning, hands-on learning tools. 

Activity Book

Mandy and Pandy makes learning Chinese with your classroom FUN!​

​​​​Mandy and Pandy

Fun Stories with Colorful Illustrations
Ages 2-6

Mandy And Pandy Chinese Language Learning Books / Apps (K-2 Curriculum)

This activity book is perfect for K-3 Chinese language learning curriculum.

Activity books reinforce real communication, cultural comparison, and family involvement

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Mandy and Pandy is the proud winner of the iParenting Media award!

Chinese Language Learning BOOKS / APPS (K-2 CURRICULUM).  
​Learning Mandarin Chinese is fun and easy with Mandy and Pandy!


Simplified Chinese Characters
Easy Pin Yin​

• ​​​​​​Chinese is the world's most ​spoken language.
​​​​​​​• ​​​​​​Chinese is the fastest growing language in the US.


English Phrases with American Culture
Audio CD Included