Mandy and Pandy

a fun and easy way for kids to learn Chinese 


“The strength of Mandy and Pandy lies in its magic power to arouse curiosity among young kids, who will then be engaged to learn the language with interest and fun. Everything in the book (texts, pictures, activities, etc.) was meticulously developed for this purpose.”
​Qinghai Chen Director of Chinese Language Programs at the University of Michigan

“With the adorable Pandy Panda as a guide, the new Mandy and Pandy Activity Book offers a bright, fun way for children to learn key words and phrases in Mandarin. This colorful, engaging workbook introduces learners to key concepts, conversation and characters -- a simple start on its own, or a great complementary reinforcement to an interactive Mandarin class!”

Karen Gould Curriculum Director at Language Stars

“The Mandy and Pandy Activity Book is an engaging, educational immersion into the Chinese language and culture. Used either as a stand-alone workbook, or a supplement to a formalized language class, it adds valuable practice and exposure to pronunciation and vocabulary. The key to keeping children’s interest in language is letting them work within it and walk away with phrases that they can use every day, and the Mandy and Pandy Activity Book does both. This is a nicely evolved next step in the journey with Mandy and Pandy.”

John Ranieri Parent and Educational Professional

Mandy and Pandy

“The Activity Book is a logical evolution of the Mandy and Pandy Board Book Series. The Activity Book is also fun, but in addition to the fun, it also provides a framework for teaching the language in a methodical manner. In contrast to the main competition – Han Ban’s Chinese Paradise, the Mandy and Pandy Activity Book is higher quality, and designed for American kids with American culture and games that our kids are familiar with. Already pretested with several teachers and educational professionals, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.”

Chris Lin Author & Creator of Mandy and Pandy