Mandy and Pandy

a fun and easy way for kids to learn Chinese 

By learning each other’s language, we also learn each others culture. We build cooperative relationships, friendships and trust. By creating “this”, we are contributing to world peace!! 

Mandy and Pandy

I wrote this book with CD to teach her Chinese in a fun and easy way:

1. so she will retain her beautiful heritage,

2. so Chinese school won’t be so boring, and

3. so she will be well equipped to participate in the global economy. These are the reasons I want Amanda to learn Chinese.

This book is dedicated to Amanda, my joyful child from Anqing, Anhui, China. She is seven, now with her whole life ahead of her... 

There are many applications that can be extrapolated from our family situation to other families that have adopted from China, to my fellow ABC’s (American Born Chinese) that remember how boring Chinese School was, to families that want to cooperate with China and the growing world economy.