Mandy and Pandy

a fun and easy way for kids to learn Chinese 

​​Chris lives in Ann Arbor Michigan.  He studied Chinese at the University of Michigan and in China.  He adopted Mandy from China in 2005.  This book is dedicated to her and the fun she brings to life.

About the Illustrator

The strength of Mandy and Pandy...

"The strength of Mandy and Pandy lies in its magic power to arouse curiosity among young kids, who will then be engaged to learn the language with interest and fun.  Everything in the book (texts pictures, activities, etc.) was meticulously developed for this purpose." 

Qinghai Chen
Director of Chinese Language Programs
University of Michigan


Mandy and Pandy

About the Author

• Cognitive Learning Ability

• Culture and Language skills

• Potential for Global Jobs

• Impact World Peace

Why Chinese

Ingrid, a devoted mother of twin boys, has a passion to create colorful images that capture children’s imaginations.  Her work includes illustrations, paintings, and murals.

She lives in Boston, Massachusetts.