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Mandy and Pandy say “Ni Hao Ma?” is an iParenting Media Outstanding Product award winning book and the first book in the Mandy & Pandy series.  Follow the adventures of Mandy and her best friend Pandy the Panda. Through 18 beautifully illustrated pages you and your kids will start to learn Chinese effortlessly as you read and follow along in the book. Each book also includes an audio CD narrated by a native Chinese speaker.

In Mandy and Pandy say “Ni Hao Ma?”, your child and you will learn Chinese words and phrases for: greeting and asking how someone is doing, how to identify different family members like father and mother, how to say what you like, and much much more!

What’s Included In Each Book?

Every Mandy and Pandy book includes 18 illustrations printed on high quality board stock paper. Each book also includes an audio CD that narrates the story in both native English and Chinese. Watch the video sample below of Mandy and Pandy Say “Ni Hao Ma?” to hear and see what’s included with each purchase.

What People Are Saying About Mandy and Pandy Say Ni Hao Ma

Fun, cute, and effective for learning Chinese!

by CityMouse Reads “Working Moms”

This is a cute and effective book for learning Mandarin along with your child – it comes with a CD to follow along. The CD is indispensable for hearing the accents; it simply follows the text in both English and Mandarin. There is no story, but just basic scenarios like greetings (Ni hao mao), playing in the park, swimming, eating, and bedtime. The one scenario that doesn’t seem necessary is the one page with all the English names of Mandy’s friends translated into Mandarin. Perhaps the author’s daughter has real friends with those names, but they do not seem helpful for general readers. (Names are translated based on phonetic sounds, not meaning.) Initially my son did not take to this book, but now he is 18 months old and loves carrying it around. He also looks at the pictures on his own for a long time. I am thrilled that he likes this bilingual book, so I have ordered more books from the Mandy and Pandy series.

The cute pictures, context and the background music make the lesson enjoyable.

by Naomi’s Mom

This is an English/Simplified Chinese/pin yin board book that comes complete with several readings in English and Mandarin on the included CD. As far as I can tell (I’m Cantonese, taught traditional writing, with just a wee bit of exposure to Mandarin), the text and pronunciation is excellent. They are not just introducing words but rather complete simple sentences with the proper cadence and dynamic tonal modifications. As a picture book, there’s no plot to speak of but the pictures are cute, the context reflects everyday life, and the background music makes the “lesson” enjoyable. I’ve done numerous searches on Amazon and these books never came up. Hopefully this review and the tags will help others in their searches. I found this one book at the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum as part of their temporary Chinese exhibit. I’ll be buying the remainder online.

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