4. Mandy and Pandy Play Sports


Mandy and Pandy Play Sports is the fourth book in the Mandy & Pandy series. Your kids will start to learn Chinese effortlessly as you read together. In this Mandy and Pandy adventure the 2 best friends find themselves playing different sports. Here you and your child will learn vocabulary for different popular sports in Chinese. The included audio CD will guide you in perfecting your Chinese accent!

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What People Are Saying About Mandy and Pandy Play Sports

Extra fun way to learn Chinese!

by Kindra Lee

I received a Mandy and Pandy book as a gift several months ago. The first time I read it to my son, I immediately jumped on Amazon to see if there were more. The CD that comes with them make the books extra fun.

What’s Included In Each Book?

Every Mandy and Pandy book includes 18 illustrations printed on high quality board stock paper. Each book also includes an audio CD that narrates the story in both native English and Chinese. Watch the video sample below of Mandy and Pandy Play Sports to hear and see what’s included with each purchase.


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