About the Company

Author and creator Chris Lin adopted his daughter Mandy from China in 2004.  He never imagined how much she would change his life.  After mastering the phrase, “How are you?” in Chinese, Lin, inspired by his daughter, created a book for children to learn some basic phrases of the Chinese language.

In 2006, Chris published the first book in the series, Mandy and Pandy say, “Ni Hao Ma?” Four years later, Mandy and Pandy books has expanded to a colorful six-book bilingual series with eighteen more to come!  The first four books of the series teach children general phrases in Chinese, numbers, sports and other important vocabulary!

Lin wrote the children’s books for Americans like him who have adopted children from China and want the children to learn the language of their country but also sees the books as being great for Chinese-born parents who want their children to learn Chinese, as well as any parent or grandparent who wants to help a child learn another language like Chinese.

Mandy and Pandy say, “Ni Hao Ma?” the first book of the series, won an iParenting Media Award for their 2007 Outstanding Products Call.  The books are constructed on sturdy cardboard paper with colorful images for the children along with a CD that accompanies the book through the pages with the characters, pronunciation, and music.

Mandy and Pandy is now releasing their fifth and sixth books!  The fifth book in our series, Mandy and Pandy Play, “What Color Do You See?” Mandy and Pandy teach children how to say different colors in Chinese.  In our sixth book, Mandy and Pandy Visit the Zoo, Mandy and Pandy take a trip to the zoo!  Mandy and Pandy teach kids how to say our favorite zoo animals’ names in Chinese.  Join Mandy and Pandy in learning colors and animal names in Chinese!


Language Stars

The Language Stars offers a very exciting program that teaches foreign languages including Mandarin Chinese for children ages 1-10. Their program is highly interactive, play-based and fully immerses the kids with all sorts of activities that would help them learn quick and retain their learning better.

Their mission is to revolutionize how and when American children learn foreign language to foster a future generation of multilingual Americans.