Let’s Hear it for the Mandy and Pandy Books!

What Our Friends and Close Customers Say About the Mandy and Pandy Series…

We are truly having fun making a difference in the world through our Mandy and Pandy books. In fact, we are even encouraged to create and contribute more to the harmony of the distinct cultures of the east and the west when we hear parents and teachers alike raving about how the Mandy and Pandy series have helped their kids learn the Chinese language.

Today, we would like to highlight encouraging messages from two of our dear friends. So let’s hear it for the Mandy and Pandy book series!

The first one is from a Chinese Dance and Language Teacher from New York Chinese Cultural Center:

We were fortunate enough to have Chris Lin read to my School of the Arts language class at the New York Chinese Cultural Center. Although my students are immediate Chinese speakers from 13 to 15 years, they enjoyed Mr. Lin’s reading and learned fun and useful phases from the Mandy and Pandy books. I was delighted to hear Mr. Lin emphasize the importance of learning the Chinese language to lessen the cultural divide and build a bridge of peace and understanding.

Jie Yang
Chinese Dance and Language Teacher
School of the Arts
New York Chinese Cultural Center

The next one is from a mother of two cute little girls, Mia aged 3 1/2 and Liza who is 1 year old:

We are a Jewish, American/Canadian family living in NYC. We moved to Hong Kong right after our wedding and know the importance of having familiarity of the Chinese language and certainly with Chinese culture. We want our girls to have a foundation of Chinese in case they have an opportunity to live or work in Asia in the future!

We are always delighted to hear how the Mandy and Pandy series have touched the lives of countless individuals. We find ourselves blessed to have your kind support. Thank you and kudos!

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